We at Uism are a group from different walks of life, united in our intellectual curiosity and passion for UX research.


We design great experience through research!

Our mission and greatest joy is, through our work, to contribute to the creation of designs that enable many around the world to enjoy a more comfortable life, and hold a higher regard for their community and society.


The “U” in Uism stands for our values, and the “ism” symbolizes our belief and commitment to these values.

User Centric

Always for the User.

We always put our users first. By empathizing with them and sincerely addressing their needs, we seek an experience that exceeds expectations. To propose solutions that are truly valuable to our clients, we are prepared to give our opinions straight and without fear, backed by the research we’ve concluded.


Diversity Breeds Innovation.

Through the unique experiences and backgrounds of our members, we seek to view, and show, the essence of our work, clients, and users from multiple perspectives. We are a curious group of people who are serious about what we do, and want to do it with style! We aim to combine our diversity and passion to create a UX research company unlike ever seen before!


All for One, One for All.

We believe the betterment of society at large first starts with the betterment of ourselves. Our members passionately engage in research to adress our clients’ challenges while living healthy, fulfilling personal lives. Our goal is to ultimately contribute to the realization of a happier, safer, more sustainable society through not only value creation, but delight creation.

Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.

Zora Neale Hurston


Yuki Asakawa

Dora Tamari

Naoto Aizawa

Mei Satoh

Michio Itasaka

Ross Miller

Rinako Kanaya

Reika Ishikawa

Tetsuroh Takayama

Naoyuki Hironaka

Yutaka Andoh

Kazuo Shibuta


Backgrounds in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Sociology, and other humanities

70% hold at least a master’s degree

Backgrounds from 5+ Countries

63% Bilingual+

Visited Countries


Uism is a member of ReSight Global

Uism is a subsidiary of ReSight Global, a UX research holdings company based in Germany created by the UX experts with extensive research experience around the world. Though we are relatively young, we are 200 experienced-experts strong and growing across 7 countries (US, UK, Germany, India, China, Singapore and Japan), offering extensive services to diverse clientele.

United States・United Kingdom




To convey a sense of hope and merriment amidst the Covid 19 pandemic, ReSight Global members all come together to dance. This video sends a cheerful message during an otherwise dark time.


In order to reach that goal of a higher regard for community and society, we donate a portion of our profits to NPO’s and volunteer groups that address social issues. Through our donations, we fulfill our responsibility and show our dedication towards building a better future through social change.

Enough talk about us. let’s talk about you!

Whether you are curious about our service, looking for a new job or simply want to have someone to chat, we’re ready to answer any and all your questions.