In today’s world where all information is connected to the Internet, Uism KK aims to protect the valuable information assets entrusted to us by our customers from threat of accident, crime, or disaster, and maintain the trust of our customers based on the following policy:

1.Responsibility and Organizational Structure

We will establish a management structure within the company so that all employees can work to maintain information security, under the direction of the Information Security Management Officer and with top management leadership, and set it as a formal rule within the company through the formulation and operation of information security policies and regulations. We will also establish rules and guidelines for handling information to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

2.Maintenance of Information Security

Maintenance of Information Security

We will strive for continuous improvement to maintain and improve information security within the company in response to constantly changing threats. We will limit access to information to the necessary minimum range and establish restrictions based on authentication and approval. We establish objectives for our management system and information security, review them periodically, and continuously implement improvements in order to maintain them. We delegate responsibility and authority to management representatives to execute, maintain, and improve the management system.

3. Employee Efforts

Our employees will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain information security and make sure to take measures for information security. We will conduct education and training on information security for all employees and work on raising security awareness.All employees will perform their duties in accordance with the prescribed manuals.

4.Compliance with Laws and Contractual Obligations

We will comply with laws, regulations, norms, and contractual obligations related to information security and prevent information security incidents in advance to carry out business at a high level.

5.Response to Violations and Accidents

In the event of a violation of laws or contracts related to information security or an incident that puts information security at risk, we will promptly and appropriately address the situation to prevent further damage, report and explain to relevant organizations, and strive to prevent recurrence.

Final Revision Date: 12.March.2024

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