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IDI/FGI Research

To better find out the opinions, impressions, and backgrounds that color participants’ thoughts, we have an expert moderator conduct interviews; one-on-one in-depth interviews (IDI) or multi-person focus group interviews (FGI). The interviews can be performed on or off line. These interviews is an excellent method to gain deep, qualitative information.

Diary Studies

By having participants record their actions and opinions daily, we tap into a real time record of the user’s journey with a product or service, especially the process of learning or getting accustomed to the research focus. Users recording impressions while still fresh in their mind gives a more accurate recount and understanding of behavioral processes, which we can then use for more precise and agile strategic response.


We have one of our researchers enter the daily environment of the target user and be a fly on the wall, observing their behaviors to clarify their actual use of and needs for a product or service. Compared to interviews or on-site surveys, this method is more immersive and empathetic, allowing the researcher to understand the reasons and thoughts behind such behavior.


We ask a target user to try or experience an actual product at a venue prepared to best mimic a realistic environment. By preparing a medical site, a product shelf, or an actual automobile, the survey can be conducted under the same controlled circumstances for all participants and allows us to collect both qualitative information and quantitative data.

Competitive Benchmarking

To mainly understand how users experience and evaluate the design, use cases and functionality of competitor products or services, we conduct this comparative analysis. From there, we can clarify the positioning and competitiveness of your products and services, and help develop a strategy to ensure your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Expert Review

For existing products and services in the completed design or prototype stage, we conduct usability research and feedback from an expert’s evaluation for more nuanced and in-depth evaluation from aa source possessing more knowledge and experience. Expert reviews are ideal for polishing and perfecting a product or prototype.


We conduct workshops with participants to discuss specific issues or insights related to various products and services. These sessions can have researchers, experts, or actual current users join, allowing for a diverse exchange of opinions and idea generation. Our role as facilitator is to ensure participants engage actively in discussions, aiding in the identification of challenges and co-creation of solutions.

A11y Audits

In this method, we evaluate the accessibility aspects of a product or service for people with physical limitations or disabilities. By looking at different use cases such as users with limited sight, limited hearing, or restricted movement, we can identify areas for improvement and offer strategies to enhance convenience for a more diverse set of users and situations.

Usability Test

We ask users to operate and experience them to identify problems and areas that can be improved. The process involves observing and recording user behavior, reactions, and impressions during operation, allowing us to identify specific usability indicators such as intuitiveness, operability, learnability, error rates, and satisfaction levels, as well as develop improvement measures.

Validation Tests

We have medical professionals test the operability of medical devices and systems to evaluate whether they can be operated intuitively and whether it is designed to prevent operational errors. If there are problems, the causes are clarified based on feedback from the subject, ensuring medical devices and systems can be operated safely and efficiently in actual use situations.

Web Surveys

Using online tools, we collect large amounts of user data through questions and gain insight into their opinions and behaviors. Through large-scale data collection method, we can understand overall user trends and identify specific target groups. Statistical analysis can also provide a deeper understanding of users’ psychological structure and behavior patterns.

Academic Survey

We immerse ourselves in and analyze scholarly research articles and topic-specific books to comprehensively explore and analyze findings from reliable academic sources. We provide a clear summary of the major topics in the field (findings, issues, future prospects, etc.) to help you understand its trends.